Boozecats Want Cheezburgers too

Posted on June 23, 2010

It takes a lot of burgers to keep a Boozecat happy.

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  1. [quote]We are not organized with the aoapprripte structures in place to exert power in our community and over our own let alone projecting power out to deal with everyone else. Because we are not organized in any reasonable manner, there’s a low hurdle that anyone can jump over to assume some sort of leadership position and do/deliver absolutely nothing.[/quote]Greg L:Your views closely match my demand for TRANSPARENCY. Some prefer “majority roll over” and “unity enforcement”. We are “good Blacks” if we don’t ask questions.Instead I have called for the delineation of our “Permanent Interests” and then a transparent “Congressional Budget Office” type organization that maps the progress or lack there of in a given ideological theory. IF our community is serious with advancing our racial interests rather than retaining an ideological bias then this objective analysis would force a change in direction.[quote]There are historical reasons for African-Americans lack of affinity for the republican party even though that’s where we started. The Compromise of 1877 ending reconstruction was the opening blow that began the African-American exit from the party[/quote]I don’t agree with this analysis. Indeed the GOP got President Rutherford B Hayes for agreeing to remove the Union Troops from the South. This doesn’t logically explain why Black folks would be motivated to gravitate to the PARTY OF SLAVERY & JIM CROW – the Democrats. In Louisiana – the Colfax Massacre saw Black people shot dead in a courthouse that they sought to defend after an election victory – only to have the racist Democrats kill them and take office. In South Carolina and other states the “Red Shirt” rifle club were Democrats who purged Black Republicans out of office.This legacy is not enough to keep Blacks out of the party so I don’t believe the 1877 compromise was a motivating factor.[quote]with Goldwater’s presidential run and Nixon’s southern strategy being the death blows for African American association with the party.[/quote]I don’t agree with this either. This is about as relevant as Black Republicans claiming that MLK Jr was a Republican. IT IS NOT IMPORTANT TO THE CHALLENGES OF TODAY. I can’t tolerate Black Republicans when they argue with this past in mind.[quote] Any republican party inroad into the African-American community must overcome this hurdle anyway. I agree that the dems have just taken advantage of us for the most part and we’ve gotten nothing for our vote.[/quote]The real problem is that we seek to VOTE AWAY PROBLEMS that are not, in fact, solvable by the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN.The pressing problems that we have today are resident in the “COMMUNITY CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS AND COMPETENCE Domain”. This domain has largely been abandoned because the needed forces have been focused on the political power grab.Now after so many “Portraits on the Wall” of favorable elected officials that are supposed to serve as EVIDENCE OF OUR RACIAL PROGRESS – the grievances remain.With the author of this article and Filled Negro more interested in what the GOP or Black Conservatives are doing – there is little chance for INTROSPECTION.

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